About Us

Our core team are all military veterans. Christian faith compels us to “do unto others” (Matt. 7:12) and our programs extend beyond helping vets. We also spread the Gospel and care for widows and orphans in their distress (James 1:27).

A former US Marine runs the server and a former CAF Tech Specialist serves as webmaster. A former US Navy Rad Op, who did three tours of Vietnam, is providing “Certified Peer Support”. Our Chaplain, who is disabled from a combat injury, runs support programs and gives pastoral care.

We proudly stand behind a Biker Ministry that will ride to the gates of hell to rescue a soul. We operate a Christian social network loaded with free tools and resources where you can find fellowship. We also have charity projects for orphans and widows in several countries.

Traumatic injuries, marital problems, substance abuse, stress issues like PTSD, these are among the challenges military veterans face.  The people behind this site have had their fair share of problems yet are not defeated. We are overcomers and you can be too – faith is the victory.